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March 30th, 2005
10:24 pm


so i kinda feel like shit. oh well, i think im going to go to bed. but anyways if you like to read, please read "this lullaby" it might sound corny, but it was one of the best books ive ever read.

im really into reading right now...like reading for fun. So please suggest some reading material!!!!

SNO cone stand opens on friday! im soo amped, you have no idea!!!

I really am confused about life in general right now...like stuff just seems so blurred together. Its awkward

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Current Music: marc broussard - my love remains

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March 27th, 2005
05:40 pm


"if we get a little crazy, blame it on the alcohol"
That quote pretty much expains my weekend. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! What all happened:

Friday night there was a "killer" hail storm. Literally, Rachel's dad ended up with a dead duck in his yard the next morning, which is quite sad. Me and Morgy were at Paula's and decided to go to bbbberts, so we drove my car in the hail...both our heads were out the windows, because my windsheild was soo fogged. It was intense, and im real suprised i didnt run into anything. Hanging out with Morgy was sooo much fun!!! It made me realize how much i miss her!! (Morgy i miss you)

Lets see: so saturday i was real hungover, and me and Paula had the SAT class. Man, that was fuuuuun. No actually it sucked ass, and i was tripping out the whole time...and i have no ideawhy. Wewent to wendys, and met this really shady guy. He was like "are yall 420 friendly?" and then asked if we wanted to smoke. We were down, until...he told us how he gave himself a tatoo in jail. Hewas in jail for hy-jacking a car. Paula got scared, so that was that.

TRAV had people over!!! well like 5 people,but still,i miss hanging out at trav's!!!! Its just soo fun there. Tim played the guitar for me, and that was super fun.

Im real proud that i didnt cheat on my Lent thing. I gave up triscuits, because i prettymuch was addicted to them, and i didnt eat them for 40 days or however long lent is!!!! yay!!!

Can't wait till Marley fest...and the Fine Arts Festival is this weekend! that should be fun..

Ilove Austin, I dont know how im going to be able to leave it,and allits personality.

Peace Out Fool's

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March 24th, 2005
11:56 pm


Boring Night...But no school tommorow!!
So, tonight was pretty boring, We went to the game for a total of 15 minutes...max. then we went and met up with Tim and Trav and the boys. Ahhhh i love Trav when he's high. He makes my day!! But yeah, Tim played the guitar!!! That was fun; i think we're going to hang out tommorow.

Im a little upset we cant Tan and have Margaritas tommorow...i was definetly looking forward to it. Too bad.

I want to go the the new whole foods sooooooooooooooo bad!!! Maybe i'll do that, but morgy's supposed to come with me...maybe she will! maybe we'll do it to it tommorow.

Peace Out Fool

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Current Music: Dave Matthews - If i had it all

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March 23rd, 2005
09:19 pm


Dude, i just looked atJoe's spring break pictures, and im real jealous!!! Everyone looked like they were having so much fun!!! possiblybecause everyone was real drunk, but still...

Mine was okay...but nothing like too intense.

So im going to start writing in my LJ more, morgan made me feel bad last night. Anyways, im real proud of myself. I haven't been on Ebayin 4 days!! (yeah i know if your reading this, you probably think im a douche bag, but im seriously addicted to ebay) If their was a rehab for it, i would be there. I guess i have OCD with Ebay.. it sucks.

But tim drew me a real cool picture today! its like old school snoopy as a hippie!! i love it!

I think i might have mono...i feel like shit, but oh well, you loose weight and school.

I need to get my hair dyed. Please offer suggestions!!!

Peace & Love

Oh yeah...by the way im totally amped on Citizen Cope right now...love it.

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Current Music: Citizen Cope - Coming Back

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February 10th, 2005
06:56 pm


surreal reality
never did i think the day would come when i would be the "fucked"up friend, the one who had to be told to quit... i always thought i had the answers to everything, the cope mechanisms to deal with problems and so on. Apparently i have become "that" girl.
In a discussion today, i was told to quit taking aderall. To me, im not dependent on adderall,it is just something that aides me in what i do. It allows me to wake up at 6, go to cheer practice, go to school, do countless hours of homework, cheerleading at night, and work. Yeah i know its speed, and what not.
Its the fact that my parents expect so much out of me, everything i do isnt good enough...my grades aren't, my athletics have never been, my dreams aren't their dreams...and so on.
When this got too intense to handle i turned to drinking...and i will admit last year i was somewhat of an alcoholic. Drinking by myself, in the morning, occasionally when i got home from school, but then i almost died. Alifechanging experience like that will makeyou stop. Have i stopped drinking all together? Definetly not,but i have learned to control it.
I dont smoke cigarettes, and i dont do something else anymore.
Yeah i probably am depressed, actually it has been said. Yesterday i just broke down.
Heres the thing: ive hated anderson since freshman year, and this year its gotten progressively worse, to the point where i really think im going crazy having to go there. I get uncomfortable in situations with a lot of people... i cant focus on anything
aderallmakes me not hate school,b/c when im on it, i dont think about all the negative shit, i just get through it.

but to have my best friend tell me to stop, and that i used to be hardcore, was something i was unprepared to take, and didnt handle it in the best
maybe ill try and go back to the therapist...maybe..

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January 31st, 2005
06:36 pm


alright! so im chillen over here @ saraaahas and i need to read all the pretty horses, but im being a slag and putting it off.

Instead i became inspired by urban outfitters shirts, and want to make my own original alphabet...

hold up.

okay here we go

-A is for AirGuitar
-B is for Bling
-C is for Crunk
-D is for Drunk
-E is for
-F is for Free
-G is for Gossip
-H is for Hella whatever
-I is for
-J is for Jordan (Duh!)
-K is for Kool Aid
-L is for
-M is for Money
-N is for
-O is for OverRated
-P is for Player
-Q is for Quentin Tarentino
-R is for Ratatat
-S is for Shady
-T is for Tiight
-U is for
-V is for Virgin
-W is for
-X is for
-Z is for

So ill finsih that all later
im out

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Current Music: third eye blind - slow motion

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January 27th, 2005
10:45 pm


long time...
so like its been so long since ive written. oh well, so anyways had this crazy dream last night...
so like i was with this guy, and then there was some sort of like natural disaster, so we had to fly to japan, and we were staying in the hotel that was in lost in translation, and like we just went to this one club,and then like made a life in japan, and had some crazy super steamy sex. it was awkward...anyways

my birks came today!!! yay!! yay!!

tommoros friday, i love fridays, b/c i dont have to be at fucking anderson for 2 whole days!!!

me and timothy and i dunno who else are going to the drag saturday, im amped.

but now i have to e to the bay (ebay)

peace out
**oh shittt....i want summer to be here so bad. mr. den showed me this wakeboarding clip, and it just made me want summer so bad!!! like just chillen on the lake, kicking back, having some drinks!!

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Current Music: jack johnson - the horizon has been defeated

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January 19th, 2005
08:53 pm


PrOjEcT rUnWay!
musclebob659 (8:43:39 PM): dude i would love to walk down a runway and like rip off my shirt to show everyone my sexy body and get paid for it

what a hardass!!! i love timothy. he makes me laugh. anyways that comment was sparked by my watching Project Runway on Bravo. Which is the best show ever!! anyways..Alexandria got kicked off tonight, and im uber upset!! She was so classy and simple in all her designs. Oh well, my favorite flamboyant gay Austin Scarlett is still there and on top.

That is my dream job; fashion design. I really dont know what else i would do.

Anyways, the drama is slowing i think...hopefully!!!

Im out, gotta get my beauty sleep, im actually going to put a little effort into how i look @ school tommorow...

and i think im going to start working out more and like eating better...not eating after 7; no matter what!

i do feel like a "barbie drone" right now; i cant come up with anything intellectual to say. oooooh well

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January 18th, 2005
04:57 pm


time to rant....
"I had my fun on the wildside, but now its back to reality."

DONT TALK SHIT!!! What other people do is none of your fucking buisness! Let them make their own decisions, with matters that don't concern you. HOWEVER, if you are truly concerned with a friend, take them aside and discuss the issue, don't turn it into a high-octane dramatic event. Really, who the hell cares what other people do, if you do, you shouldn't. There personal decisions really have no impact on you unless your married to them or in a extremely close relationship. Don't go around spreading a shitty rumor that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you. If you feel better by making your "best friends" look inferior then there is something immensly wrong with you. No joke. In actuality your ruining these relationships that you try and make look like you care so much about by showing a "concern" about an issue. Let people make their own decisions. If you care that goddamn much you wouldnt fucking go spread a rumor about it, because by doing that you making people pissed off at you, as well as hurting your "close friends"

screw it...do whatever the fuck you want. Its not going to help you any in the long run.

if you were a "true" friend, you would know what was going on in your other friends lives, get to know them, their good things, their problems, but do you? Apparently not.

However, what ur doing is awful, and i can only hope you don't have to go through this shit...

Fuck people that talk shit about things that aren't their buisness
Fuck Anderson and its atmosphere that causes people to talk shit
Fuck the people at Anderson who care so much about gossip and have to make other people's buisness theirs
Fuck it all

Anyone can see my every flaw...it isnt hard..anyone can say their above this all....IT TAKES MY PAIN AWAY...nevermind these are harder times...i cant let it bother me...Anyone can find the same white pills thats takes my pain away...(yeah thats right...it refers to substance abuse...why don't you fucking go spread a rumor about that too...that'd be really mature)

Current Music: Jimmy Eat World - Pain

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January 17th, 2005
03:05 pm


yay!!! no school!!
So we're all just being true pimps over here @ morgans. Its me, mo, katie, and timothy. We were supposed to go down to the drag today, but what do you know?! that didn't happen. Oh well we rescheduled for next weekend, when we'll have gotten paid.

Its bloody cold right now, like im shaking!! :-(

Alright peace!!!

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Current Music: coldplay - beautiful world

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